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What is The Rebellion Project?

The Rebellion Project is a revolutionary new concept within the Crypto and DeFi realms. Structured like a real business, we have multiple departments of which include Investments, Software, Security and Gaming. Which allow us to build a diverse ecosystem of products before sharing those revenue streams as rewards to our users.

What Makes The Rebellion Different?


With a team of experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs at its core The Rebellion takes a different path than most. We use our combined experience of over several decades to invest, build and diversify like no other protocol can. From world class developers, strategic business managers and highly skilled engineers, we have what it takes to drive profits and benefit the community at large.


Crypto at its core was built around decentralisation first and foremost, so we believe that protocols should be built with that in mind. Our smart contracts are constantly audited in house throughout development to ensure maximum coverage of the code, whilst only giving the team the minimum level of power over said code bases to ensure we can do our jobs whilst also protecting users funds.
To further expand and development the security of not only our suite of products but DeFi as a whole we also created OnChain which is an Auditing and KYC firm along with being so much more. Which will move crypto forward in a way we are yet to see and drive trust, aiding in the mass adoption of the future of finance.

Your Money, Your Choice

Continuing on with the theme of security we have created an open ecosystem which allows users to truly take control of how they wish to invest and move their funds. We have 0 lock up periods, 0 sacrifices and 0 hidden costs. You may buy, sell or flip your investments as and when you please. In place of those "honey pot" like mechanisms, we opted to adopt a mathematical approach that works for everyone. Whether it be our staking models or anything else. Holders, Traders and the Protocol can all succeed at once.
As we delve deeper into The Rebellion Ecosystem going forward in this WhitePaper, we shall explain and breakdown all the concepts and functions we have put in place to maximise our success.
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